Wands: Dawn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wands

Title: Dawn
Label: Fuzz Club Records

The debut album the Dawn is a record that celebrates flamboyant, hallucinogenic acid rock, propelled by ideas and a, some might say, old-school ethos in terms of their approach to recording. Much preferring the straight to tape method (bolstered by a raft of analogue kit, honest production, and an understanding that this is the only way to get the mix they need) the duo, comprised of childhood friends Christian Skibdal and Mads Gras, resuscitate 60's style Psych-rock and inject a characteristically playful Wands slant.

1.1 Sound of the Machine
1.2 And Full of Colours
1.3 Totem Part II
1.4 She Is Electric
1.5 Get It Out of Your System (Don't You Wanna Feel Alright?)
1.6 War
1.7 The Dawn
1.8 Circles
1.9 Spell My Name
1.10 The Name of the Mountain

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