War of Thrones

War of Thrones: Conflict In Creation

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Artist: War of Thrones

Artist: War of Thrones
Title: Conflict In Creation

Must-have for fans of JUDAS PRIEST, SYMPHONY X, PRIMAL FEAR and ACCEPt. Forged in steel, War of Thrones was formed when iconic vocalist Wade Black and virtuoso guitarist Rick Renstrom joined forces in 2012. Previously, the two had worked together in LEASH LAW releasing Dogface in 2005. Wade is no stranger to metal. For more than two decades, Wade has thrilled audiences worldwide fronting such legendary metal bands as Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, and Leatherwolf. Rick entered the scene in 2000, joining legendary vocalist Rob Rock's touring and recording band. Having toured around the world, hundreds of thousands have witnessed Rick's incredible and inspiring guitar playing. Joining Wade and Rick is bass player Rich Marks who delivers a booming low end and virtuosic moving lines along with former Yngwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson behind the drumkit. War of Thrones continues to thrill audiences live as they share the stage with bands such as Kamelot, Drowning Pool, Marty Friedman, Anvil and Mushroomhead.

1.1 Ascending
1.2 Creation
1.3 Savior
1.4 Entranced
1.5 Damnation
1.6 Aftermath
1.7 Say What
1.8 Kingdom
1.9 Rule the World
1.10 Reaction
1.11 Channeling Demons
1.12 Descending

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