Warsaw Afrobeat Orchchestra

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchchestra: Wendelu

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Title: Wendelu
Label: Ubiquity

The album title Wëndelu means "Wanderer" in the native African Wolof language and is a fitting name for the album which explores the wide-range of sounds from the African diaspora and infused with their own traditional Polish folk, jazz and rock sensibilities. Tracks such as "No Such Thing", "Let It Flow" and "Usurpation" reflect an obvious Reggae and Dub influence while the up tempo numbers on the album "Close to Far" and "Which Direction" veer towards Afro-Disco and Funk. Formed in 2012, the 10-piece band consists of musicians that have worked and collaborated with each other in different projects ranging from rock, jazz, folk, reggae and funk in the ever-evolving and musically diverse underground music scene in Poland. Inspired by the masters of Afrobeat, world music, as well as African tribal music which is evident in their lyrics and choruses that repeat and weave in and out of deep, hypnotic grooves infusing it with a transcendental quality. Be on the lookout for another 12" single from the album to drop soon featuring a remix from Tom Noble who's recent work includes a killer disco version of Myron and E's "Do It Di It Disco".

1.1 Stop
1.2 Signs
1.3 Empty Words
1.4 No Such Thing
1.5 Only Now
1.6 Usurpation
1.7 Close to Far
1.8 Which Direction
1.9 Your Way
1.10 Let It Flow
1.11 Your Way (Masala Sound System Remix)

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