The Watch: Planet Earth?

Watch: Planet Earth?
Title: Planet Earth?
Label: Justforkicks

2010 release, the fourth album from Italian Prog band The Watch. Melodies, energy and '70s classic Progressive Rock atmospheres are the main focus of the opus. The search for unusual harmonies was a main goal for the band on this album. Pure classic '70s sound obtained using original instruments (not samplers) like the real mellotron, the Hammond organ, moog synthesizers, flute and 12 string guitars. The album contains seven tracks simple enough to experience deep feelings on the very first listening but layered enough to let you discover interesting melodies and new musical nuances every time you play it.

1.1 Welcome to Your Life
1.2 Something Wrong
1.3 Earth
1.4 All the Lights in Town
1.5 The World Inside
1.6 New Normal
1.7 Tourist Trap

The Watch: Planet Earth?

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