We the People: Mirror of Our Minds

We the People: Mirror of Our Minds
Title: Mirror of Our Minds
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.

2 CDs and 40 tracks-14 of 'em unissued-containing everything this mid-'60s Florida garage band recorded. Includes impossibly rare pre-People sides from the Trademarks, Nonchalants and Off beets, plus demos and alternate takes, not to mention unseen photos, band interviews, the whole nine yards. Another Sundazed garage-aganza!

1.1 Everything'll Be Alright
1.2 Drivin' Me Out of My Mind
1.3 My Brother, the Man (Version 1)
1.4 Mirror of Your Mind
1.5 (You Are) the Color of Love
1.6 She Does Everything for Me
1.7 He Doesn't Go About It Right
1.8 You Burn Me Up and Down
1.9 Nothing Like a Vision (Demo)
1.10 Proceed with Caution
1.11 By the Rule
1.12 Look at the Girls (Version 1)
1.13 Love Is a Beautiful Thing
1.14 Double Trouble
1.15 Don't Say You Love Me Too
1.16 St. John's Shop (Version 1)
1.17 Love Wears Black (None) (Version 1)
1.18 Beginning of the End
1.19 The Day She Dies
1.20 There's Gonna Be a Storm
2.1 When I Arrive
2.2 No, No Boys
2.3 In the Past
2.4 Alfred, What Kind of Man Are You
2.5 Boy, She Just Don't Feel It (Demo)
2.6 Declaration of Independence
2.7 Look at the Girls (Version 2)
2.8 Follow Me Back to Louisville
2.9 Lovin' Son of a Gun
2.10 St. John's Shop (Version 2)
2.11 Half of Wednesday
2.12 Fluorescent Hearts
2.13 I Wanna Do It
2.14 She Lied
2.15 Ain't Gonna Find Nobody (Better Than You)
2.16 My Brother, the Man (Version 2)
2.17 Free Information
2.18 You Like Me, You Love Me (Demo)
2.19 Too Much Noise
2.20 Love Wears Black (None) (Version 2)

We the People: Mirror of Our Minds

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