Weather Report: The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981

Weather Report: The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981
Title: The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981
Label: Sony Legacy

Four CD set. Weather Report's The Legendary Live Tapes features sensational unreleased performances all "completely, totally, unapologetically and insanely live" recorded by the legendary jazz group from 1978 to 1981. Formed by onetime Miles Davis sidemen Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter in 1970, Weather Report defied categorization in the 15 years they recorded together. Inspired by their "electric" collaborations with Davis, Zawinul and Shorter would lead Weather Report into unpredictable territory, from free-jazz to structured but sprawling multicultural jazz-rock. The dramatic addition of electric bass virtuoso Jaco Pastorius to the lineup in 1976 led to an even more energetic and daring Weather Report, who would even score a crossover hit in 1977 with "Birdland." A year later, drummer Peter Erskine joined the fold, creating one of the band's most notable lineups; that lineup would expand to a quintet with the addition of percussionist Bobby Thomas, Jr. In 1980. These two lineups, responsible for some of Weather Report's most important moments, are chronicled in this four-disc set, sourced from never-before-heard soundboard tapes recorded by longtime live mixing engineer Brian Risner. Produced by Erskine and executive produced by Joe Zawinul's son Anthony, this package uniquely showcases Weather Report's extensive prowess as a band, opting not to replicate the ebb and flow of a standard Weather Report set at the time, instead offering a uniquely curated experience that captures the dazzling directions the group took at the arguable height of their powers.

1.1 8:30 (Live) Weather Report 2:19
1.2 Sightseeing (Live) Weather Report 7:34
1.3 Brown Street (Live) Weather Report 11:17
1.4 The Orphan (Live) Weather Report 1:51
1.5 Forlorn (Live) Weather Report 4:11
1.6 Three Views of a Secret (Live) Weather Report 7:33
1.7 Medley: Badia / Boogie Woogie Waltz; Badia\ Boodie Woogie Waltz (Live) Weather Report 10:58
1.8 Wayne Solo (Live) Weather Report 7:34
1.9 Jaco Solo (Osaka 1980) (Live) Weather Report 7:59
2.1 Joe and Wayne Duet (Tokyo 1978) (Live) Weather Report 8:40
2.2 Birdland (Live) Weather Report 6:18
2.3 Peter's Solo (Live) Weather Report 4:43
2.4 A Remark You Made (Live) Weather Report 7:34
2.5 Continuum / River People; Continuum\ River People (Live) Weather Report 12:22
2.6 Gibraltar (Live) Weather Report 21:08
3.1 Fast City (Live) Weather Report 8:38
3.2 Madagascar (Live) Weather Report 17:44
3.3 Night Passage (Live) Weather Report 10:07
3.4 Dream Clock (Live) Weather Report 9:37
3.5 Rockin' in Rhythm (Live) Weather Report 4:21
3.6 Port of Entry (Live) Weather Report 12:35
4.1 Elegant People (Live) Weather Report 9:18
4.2 Scarlet Woman (Live) Weather Report 11:53
4.3 Black Market (Live) Weather Report 13:14
4.4 Jaco Solo (Osaka 1978) (Live) Weather Report 8:19
4.5 Teen Town (Live) Weather Report 8:59
4.6 Peter's Drum Solo (Osaka 1978) (Live) Weather Report 3:59
4.7 Directions (Live) Weather Report 6:50

Weather Report: The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981

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