Wedge: Wedge

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Artist: Wedge

Artist: Wedge
Title: Wedge
Product Type: VINYL LP

Wedge was formed in early 2014 by Kiryk (vocals & guitar), The Holg (drums) & David (bass, organ & electric piano), three dedicated musicians and party pals from Berlin, Germany. Named after the first ever stone tool created by the hand of man the group's sound is simple, raw, effective and causes fire if operated the right way... especially live! But besides being a high energy rock'n'roll locomotive, Wedge is also capable of writing very catchy original material which, other than with many other bands of that genre, easily meets the standards of their heroes from the psychedelic late 60s & hard rockin' early 70s. So turn on, also your stereo and check out some tunes here!

1.1 Easy Chair
1.2 Looks 'N' Savvy
1.3 Makeyerselfree
1.4 '61 SG
1.5 The Fight
1.6 The Spider ; the Cat
1.7 Never Learn

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