Weed: Thousand Pounds

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Artist: Weed

Artist: Weed
Title: Thousand Pounds
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

In September 2013 the band released an LP of sentimental dream-grunge called Deserve on Seattle's Couple Skate Records and started doing laps around the continent, silencing critics (literally, in some cases) and stirring up a loyal fan base lovingly referred to as the Field Trippers.Weed has a 7" due out on February 17 via Lefse Records, a continuation of the blow out pop-slop seen on Deserve, containing two songs; "Thousand Pounds", the first single from their upcoming sophomore effort Running Back; and a gloomy, droney, previously unheard cut from their first ever recording sessions called "Turret"

1.1 Thousand Pounds
1.2 Turret

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