Weezer: Pinkerton

Weezer: Pinkerton
Title: Pinkerton
Label: Geffen Records

Digitally re-mastered and expanded two CD edition of this 1996 album including 25 bonus tracks. Apart from the original album, this set includes every official b-side and 16 previously unreleased recordings. Among the latter are the newly-discovered gem "Tragic Girl," unreleased B-side "I Swear It's True" and numerous live performances, particularly noteworthy given that the band rarely played Pinkerton songs after the album tour. The 1996-1997 concert tracks were taken from the massive Reading Festival in the U.K., radio station sessions in Philadelphia and Salt Lake City, and a lunchtime performance won in a contest by Shorecrest High School near Seattle. Accompanying the package is a booklet with numerous photos and an essay by band compatriot Karl Koch, who reveals how the glorious "Tragic Girl" was recorded at the last minute but left undocumented, causing many to forget it's existence.

1.1 Tired of Sex
1.2 Getchoo
1.3 No Other One
1.4 Why Bother?
1.5 Across the Sea
1.6 The Good Life
1.7 El Scorcho
1.8 Pink Triangle
1.9 Falling for You
1.10 Butterfly
1.11 You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
1.12 Devotion
1.13 The Good Life [Radio Remix]
1.14 Waiting on You
1.15 I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
1.16 The Good Life [Live and Acoustic Version] [Live]
1.17 Pink Triangle [Radio Remix]
1.18 I Swear It's True
1.19 Pink Triangle [Live and Acoustic] [Live]
1.20 [Untitled]
2.1 You Won't Get with Me Tonight
2.2 The Good Life [Live at Y100 Sonic Session] [Live]
2.3 El Scorcho [Live at Y100 Sonic Session] [Live]
2.4 Pink Triangle [Live at Y100 Sonic Session] [Live]
2.5 Why Bother? [Live at Reading Festival 1996] [Live]
2.6 El Scorcho [Live at Reading Festival 1996] [Live]
2.7 Pink Triangle [Live at Reading Festival 1996] [Live]
2.8 The Good Life [Live at X96] [Live]
2.9 El Scorcho [Live and Acoustic] [Live]
2.10 Across the Sea Piano Noodles
2.11 Butterfly [Alternate Take]
2.12 Long Time Sunshine
2.13 Getting Up and Leaving
2.14 Tired of Sex [Tracking Tough] [Version]
2.15 Getchoo [Tracking Rough] [Version]
2.16 Tragic Girl

Weezer: Pinkerton

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