Welch, Lenny / Smith, O.C.

Welch, Lenny / Smith, O.C.: Cadences: Early Recordings 1957-1962

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Title: Cadences: Early Recordings 1957-1962
Label: Jasmine Records

Jasmine further expands it's catalogue of "Early Soul" this month with "Cadences" - a superb collection showcasing the early singles of two future giants of black American music, Lenny Welch and O. C. Smith. Both of these great singers would find their biggest success in the 1960s, but both began recording in the mid-1950s and both spent a period of their career with New York's Cadence label - the common factor in this compilation. The talent was there from the very beginning, as you will hear. Although very few of these singles were actual hits, they collectively broke the ground for the success that would eventually come for Lenny with 'Since I Fell For You' in 1963 and O. C. a few years later with 'The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp' in 1968. Beautifully sung and beautifully produced, these recordings display a musical sophistication that was not always present in rhythm & blues records of their era. Listening to them now, it's easy to see that both men were destined for eventual success. It's less easy to see why that success took as long as it did to arrive. Some superb music - mastered, as always, from the finest available sources - that capably represents a time when Rhythm & Blues was transitioning into Soul, and was being assisted in that transition by two highly able and highly enjoy-able vocalists.

1.1 My One Sincere - Lenny Welch
1.2 Rocket to the Moon - Lenny Welch
1.3 The Blessing of Love - Lenny Welch
1.4 The Last Star of Evening - Lenny Welch
1.5 You Don't Know Me - Lenny Welch
1.6 I Need Someone - Lenny Welch
1.7 Darlin' - Lenny Welch
1.8 Three Handed Woman - Lenny Welch
1.9 I'd Like to Know - Lenny Welch
1.10 Changa Rock - Lenny Welch
1.11 Boogie Cha Cha - Lenny Welch
1.12 Pony Time - Lenny Welch
1.13 You Can Have Her - Lenny Welch
1.14 Mama, Don't You Hit That Boy - Lenny Welch
1.15 It's Just Not That Easy - Lenny Welch
1.16 Ebb Tide - Lenny Welch
1.17 Congratulations Baby - Lenny Welch
1.18 A Taste of Honey - Lenny Welch
1.19 The Old Cathedral - Lenny Welch
1.20 Slow Walk - Ocie Smith
1.21 Forbidden Fruit - Ocie Smith
1.22 Bad Man of Missouri - Ocie Smith
1.23 If You Don't Love Me (Please Leave Me Alone) - Ocie Smith
1.24 Lighthouse (Lead Me to a Pretty Baby) - Ocie Smith
1.25 Too Many - Ocie Smith

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