Wells Cathedral Choir

Wells Cathedral Choir: Requiem / a Hymn for St Cecilia

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Title: Requiem / a Hymn for St Cecilia
Label: Hyperion

Composer and conductor Bob Chilcott (born 1955) has been steeped in the British choral tradition since he was a boy chorister. His Requiem is characterized by a gentle atmosphere clearly modeled on Faure.

1.1 Introit ; Kyrie (Requiem)
1.2 Offertorio
1.3 Pie Jesu
1.4 Sanctus ; Benedictus
1.5 Agnus Dei
1.6 Thou Knowest, Lord
1.7 Lux Aeterna
1.8 I Sing of a Mayden (Salisbury Motets)
1.9 When to the Temple Mary Went
1.10 Lovely Tear of Lovely Eye
1.11 Hail, Star of the Sea Most Radiant
1.12 Magnificat (Downing Service)
1.13 Nunc Dimittis
1.14 Pilgrim Jesus
1.15 The Nine Gifts
1.16 Jesus, Springing

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