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When Mary: 7Summers7Winters

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Artist: When Mary

Artist: When Mary
Title: 7Summers7Winters

When Mary's debut album "7Summers7Winters" is released worldwide for the first time on November 24th in the wake of new album "Tainted", released November 10th. Welcome to their organic-electronic universe! Trude Eidtang, former vocalist of renowned Norwegian art rock band White Willow, released the first album from her then-new project WHEN MARY in 2013. WHEN MARY mixes art pop and trip hop with elements of symphonic rock, and find inspiration in 80's & 90's artists like Eurythmics, Sade and Peter Gabriel. 7SUMMERS7WINTERS became an eclectic and international album with contributions from many different musicians; among others Rhys Marsh (UK/N), Wendy McNeill (CAN/ESP) and folk musician, flutist and 3 times Norwegian Champion of "seljefløyte", Silje Hegg. Christian Paulsen, also known from groove metal band Ninth Circle and the international industrial/electro scene, has been Eidtangs' main collaborator since the early beginnings in 2009 as both co-producer and musician. Jens Petter Nilsen of Norwegian electro funk band Xploding Plastix mastered the album. Trude writes about her own life, but she also finds inspiration in historical events and dramatic destinies. The title track 7SUMMERS7WINTERS is a hymn honouring the 91 women and men convicted of sorcery and burned at the stake in northern Norway during the 17th century. Trude also interprets other artists and on this album she has included a dark version of John Denver's 70's classic "Annie's Song".

1.1 Waiting on the World
1.2 Everlasting Colours
1.3 Souless Soulmates
1.4 Annie's Song
1.5 Falling Tears
1.6 Are You Really Sleeping?
1.7 7Summers7Winters

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