White Fence

White Fence: For the Recently Found Innocent

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Artist: White Fence

Artist: White Fence
Title: For the Recently Found Innocent

2014 release, the sixth album from lo-fi Psych rocker Tim Presley AKA White Fence. FOR THE RECENTLY FOUND INNOCENT was produced by Indie favorite Ty Segall. The album finds a phase-reversed White Fence, bringing their altered air into the 'real' world, with Tim's moody blues and righteous tunes intact.

1.1 Recently Found
1.2 Anger! Who Keeps You Under?
1.3 Like That
1.4 Sandra (When the Earth Dies)
1.5 Wolf Gets Red Faced
1.6 Goodbye Law
1.7 Arrow Man
1.8 Actor
1.9 Hard Water
1.10 Light
1.11 Afraid of What It's Worth
1.12 Fear
1.13 Raven on White Cadillac
1.14 Paranoid Bait

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