White Hills

White Hills: So You Are... So You'll Be

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Artist: White Hills

Artist: White Hills
Title: So You Are... So You'll Be
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2013 release from the New York Alt-Rock duo. Mixing Psychedelia and Stoner Rock, While Hills describe their sound as 'fuzzed out motorik spacerock.' Guitarist Dave W. is the primary singer of White Hills, but bassist Ego Sensation also contributes vocals, and sings lead on some songs. Many of their tracks are long instrumental pieces.

1.1 Inwords
1.2 In Your Room
1.3 The Internal Monologue
1.4 So You Are So You LL Be
1.5 Outwords
1.6 Forever in Space (Enlightened)
1.7 Rare Upon the Earth
1.8 Circulating
1.9 Mist (Winter)

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