White Lung

White Lung: Deep Fantasy

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: White Lung

Title: Deep Fantasy
Label: Domino
Product Type: VINYL LP

Special edition 45rpm LP on vinyl. This Vancouver-based punk outfit created waves with their 2012 album "Sorry." "Deep Fantasy" returns with those raging vocals and knotty guitars reminiscent of the grunge pop made popular by Hole or Seaweed. These tracks are short: the album's ten songs last less than a half hour, and there's punk brilliance here in quick, complicated guitar parts you'll miss if you aren't listening closely. But hey, the shorter, the sweeter. Lead singer Mish Way's vocals channel all the energy and angst of 90s alt-punk, but she goes further: she spits, she snarls, she screams. Passion is heavy and plenty.

1.1 Drown with the Monster
1.2 Down It Goes
1.3 Snake Jaw
1.4 Face Down
1.5 I Believe
2.1 Wrong Star
2.2 Just for You
2.3 Sycophant
2.4 Lucky One
2.5 In Your Home

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