White Mice

White Mice: Ganjahovahdose

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Artist: White Mice

Artist: White Mice
Title: Ganjahovahdose

2009 release, the fourth album from American Metal band. Ganjahovahdose is the crowning drool in the band's discography; with the heaviest, noisiest, ugliest, most beautiful sound they've achieved yet, thanks in part to the massive mixing job of one Ken HiWatt Marshall (Skinny Puppy). Musically speaking, one might hear traces of Melvins, Brainbombs, Buzzoven, and their Providence brethren Landed, Drop Dead and Lightning Bolt, yet they stand easily apart from any proper comparison, remaining a beast of their own making.

1.1 Passsthefissst
1.2 Ganjahovahdose
1.3 The Hard-On of Edam
1.4 Placenta the Crotchtower
1.5 Peeeugenicyst
1.6 The Ape-Caca-Lips
1.7 The Crapture
1.8 The Shroud of Urine
1.9 Onth' Ragggnorock
1.10 The Narcomacauleycolicost

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