Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic: Montreal 1997

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Product Type: CD

Title: Montreal 1997
Label: Widespread Records

(3-CD set) Recorded at the Club Soda in Montreal, Canada on September 8th, 1997, with the 6 original members including the late Michael Houser. Housed in a 6 panel cardboard sleeve. Disc 1: Heroes, Barstools and Dreamers, Travelin' Light, Greta, the Last Straw, Holden Oversoul, Can't Get High, Four Cornered Room, Worry. Disc 2: And It Stoned Me, Rebirtha, Space Wrangler, Happy, Goin' Out West, Just Kissed My Baby, Papa's Home, Bear's Gone Fishin' Jam, Drums, Papa's Home Reprise. Disc 3: Porch Song, Last Dance, Gradle, Tallboy, Let's Get the Show on the Road.

1.1 Heroes
1.2 Barstools and Dreamers
1.3 Travelin' Light
1.4 Greta
1.5 The Last Straw
1.6 Holden Oversoul
1.7 Can't Get High
1.8 Four Cornered Room
1.9 Worry
2.1 And It Stoned Me
2.2 Rebirtha
2.3 Space Wrangler
2.4 Happy
2.5 Going Out West
2.6 Just Kissed My Baby
2.7 Papa's Home
2.8 Bear's Gone Fishin' Jam
3.1 Drums
3.2 Papa's Home Reprise
3.3 Porch Song
3.4 Last Dance
3.5 Gradle
3.6 Tallboy
3.7 Let's Get the Show on the Road

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