Widowspeak: The Swamps

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Artist: Widowspeak

Artist: Widowspeak
Title: The Swamps
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Swamps arrives as a bridge between the duo's sophomore album, Almanac, and an as yet untitled third studio record. Here the band's characteristic sonic landscapes, haunting harmonies, and layers of delicate guitar work usher in a new chapter in their dark and dreamy catalog. Inspired by the light-choked wetlands of it's title, the Swamps brims with songs about fears of stagnation and the pitfalls of nostalgia, but never relinquishes Widowspeak's melodic optimism.

1.1 Theme from the Swamps
1.2 Smoke and Mirrors
1.3 Calico
1.4 Brass Bed
1.5 True Believer
1.6 The Swamps

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