Wiggy Bits

Wiggy Bits: Wiggy Bits (Special Deluxe Collector's Edition)

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Artist: Wiggy Bits

Artist: Wiggy Bits
Title: Wiggy Bits (Special Deluxe Collector's Edition)

Digitally remastered edition. Includes 12 page booklet - 3,500 word essay by Dave Reynolds and new band interview. The rather oddly named Wiggy Bits were formed from a long line of well-known New York East Coast musicians during the early '70s. The various members had seen active duty in bands ranging from the Blues Magoos and Balance (vocalist Peppy Castro), Barnaby Bye and Aviator (drummer Mike Ricciardella) to psych rockers the Illusion (guitarists Ritchie Cerniglia and Mike Maniscalo together with Mike Ricciardella). With their various individual projects falling apart, Wiggy Bits were than formed as a rather effective hard rock band and handled by, none other than, Hall And Oates manager Tommy Motolla, a man who would eventually become the CEO of Sony music. Recording at the Record Plant in NYC, the band's lone album is a fine example of strong yet melodic mid-'70s hard rock with the emphasis on edgy dynamics, powerful riffs and the soaring vocals of Peppy Castro. Signed to Polydor, their album was produced mainly by the band (engineered by future super producer Jimmy Iovine) was issued in 1976, and despite it's quality received little fanfare outside of a handful of critics and fans from their previous groups. The album, building on a ground swell of solid hard rock tracks such as 'Free To Ride The Wind', 'Oh Captain', 'I'll Write You Off' and 'Place In The Sun', showcase a band with an ambitious mandate, employing lots of solid lead guitar and impressive arrangements. Sadly the project faltered but several other better known successful splinter projects emerged from the ashes, including Network, Balance and Aviator.

1.1 Free to Ride the Wind
1.2 Oh Captain
1.3 Lies
1.4 Ellie
1.5 Place in the Sun
1.6 Wiggy
1.7 Love Tracks
1.8 Alone Again
1.9 Bad Situation
1.10 I'll Write You Off

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