Wilco: Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 4 CDs

Wilco: Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 4 CDs
Title: Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 4 CDs
Label: Rhino

Four CDs. Deluxe edition. Wilco's third album, Summerteeth, arrived in March 1999 to glowing reviews for it's daring arrangements, lush harmonies and revealing lyrics. Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition includes a Bob Ludwig 2020 remastered version of the original album along with an entire disc of unreleased studio outtakes, alternate versions and demos that chart the making of the album from songwriting demos to alternate studio arrangements to finished masters. The two remaining discs feature a previously unissued live show. The concert took place late in the Summerteeth tour, on November 1, 1999 in Colorado at The Boulder Theatre, when the new songs had been road-tested and the band was in top form. Sourced from an uncirculated soundboard recording, it features band members Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Ken Coomer and Jay Bennett. Most of the songs on Summerteeth were performed during the show, along with several tracks from the band's two previous records, Being There (1996) and A.M. (1995), as well as Mermaid Avenue (1999).

1.1 Album Title: Original Album
1.2 Can't Stand It
1.3 She's a Jar
1.4 A Shot in the Arm
1.5 We're Just Friends
1.6 I'm Always in Love
1.7 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
1.8 Pieholden Suite
1.9 How to Fight Loneliness
1.10 Via Chicago
1.11 Elt
1.12 My Darling
1.13 When You Wake Up Feeling Old
1.14 Summer Teeth
1.15 In a Future Age
1.16 23 Seconds of Silence
1.17 Candyfloss
1.18 A Shot in the Arm (Remix)
2.1 Album Title Outtakes/Alternates/Demos
2.2 Tried and True (Demo)
2.3 I'm Always in Love (Demo)
2.4 All I Need (Demo)
2.5 I'll Sing It (Demo)
2.6 Two Guitars - Instrumental (Demo)
2.7 Candyfloss (Demo)
2.8 In a Future Age (Demo)
2.9 No Hurry (Demo)
2.10 She's a Jar (Demo)
2.11 Can't Locator It (Guitar Riff Demo)
2.12 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) (Demo)
2.13 Summer Teeth (Slow Rhodes Version)
2.14 Pieholden Suite (Alternate)
2.15 I'm Always in Love (Early Run Through)
2.16 My Darling (Alternate)
2.17 Tried and True (Alternate)
2.18 She's a Jar (Alternate)
2.19 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
2.20 Candyfloss (Intro)
2.21 Every Little Thing (Alternate)
2.22 Viking Dan (Outtake)
2.23 We're Just Friends/Yee Haw (10/29/99 Minneapolis Soundcheck)
2.24 Summer Teeth (Alternate)
2.25 In a Future Age (Take 3)
3.1 Album Title Live at the Boulder Theater, Boulder, Co (11/1/1999)
3.2 Via Chicago
3.3 Candyfloss
3.4 Summer Teeth
3.5 I'm Always in Love
3.6 I Must Be High
3.7 How to Fight Loneliness
3.8 Hotel Arizona
3.9 Red-Eyed and Blue
3.10 I Got You (At the End of the Century)
3.11 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
3.12 She's a Jar
3.13 A Shot in the Arm
3.14 We're Just Friends
3.15 Misunderstood
4.1 Album Title Live at the Boulder Theater, Boulder, Co (11/1/1999)
4.2 Hesitating Beauty
4.3 Christ for President
4.4 Passenger Side
4.5 Can't Stand It
4.6 Forget the Flowers
4.7 New Madrid
4.8 California Stars
4.9 Kingpin
4.10 Casino Queen
4.11 Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
4.12 Hoodoo Voodoo
4.13 Monday

Wilco: Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) 4 CDs

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