Wild Reeds

Wild Reeds: Cheers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wild Reeds

Artist: Wild Reeds
Title: Cheers

The Wild Reeds have made a name for themselves in part through their tightly interwoven vocal harmonies and their impressive blend. But take a look at their songwriting and their performances, and you'll see that they're each very unique as individuals. After a particularly challenging year, they emerged with Cheers, a record that gave each songwriter unlimited freedom to reflect, explore, and create on their own, which simultaneously solidified the group dynamic into something stronger than ever before.

1.1 Moving Target
1.2 Telepathic Mail
1.3 A Way to Stop
1.4 Lose My Mind
1.5 Play It Safe
1.6 Young and Impressionable
1.7 Giving Up on You
1.8 Don't Pretend
1.9 P.S. Nevermind
1.10 Run and Hide
1.11 My Name
1.12 Get Better
1.13 Cheers

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