Wildman Steve

Wildman Steve: Six Thousand Dollar Nigge

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wildman Steve

Artist: Wildman Steve
Title: Six Thousand Dollar Nigge

Originally released in 1977, "The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger" is an X-Rated comedy album featuring famed dirty rapper Blowfly's associate Wildman Steve. Backing music for the album was provided by the legendary Sax Kari. This controversial album is finally available in the digital domain, newly remastered.

1.1 $6000.00 Nigger
1.2 Two Great Men
1.3 The Black Lover
1.4 Kids
1.5 Secret Agent
1.6 Petey Wheatstraw Shit Scene
1.7 Roots
1.8 Seafood and Juice
1.9 Watch the Wildman

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