William Ryan Fritch

William Ryan Fritch: Leave Me Like You Found Me

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Artist: William Ryan Fritch
Title: Leave Me Like You Found Me

Extremely limited release in exclusive packaging includes digital download that features 28 additional minutes of music. 2014 full length album from composer/multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch. Known primarily for his critically acclaimed work as a film composer and for his contemporary classical/experimental recordings as Vieo Abiungo, Fritch has furthered the focused, singular sound of his latest EP Emptied Animal and produced a remarkably cohesive LP of lucid melodies and commandingly blunt rhythms. LEAVE ME LIKE YOU FOUND ME delivers rapturous melodic outbursts, expressive arrangements, Fritch's magnificent arsenal of acoustic instrumentation, and the familiar, comforting sounds of vintage rock music refracted through the prism of modern classical sensibilities. It is lyrical yet wordless; lush, but never soft. Deliberate, yet unbound.

1.1 Still Turning Point in This World
1.2 Sun on Cold Skin
1.3 With the Winds Against Us
1.4 Coursing Through Veins
1.5 Half Awake in Slow Motion
1.6 Weightless
1.7 Tangled Together
1.8 Empty Upon Impact
1.9 Bind and Unbind
1.10 Leave Me Like You Found Me
2.1 Sad Whispering Wind [*]
2.2 In the Same Breath [*]
2.3 Deliberate [*]
2.4 Her Warmth [*]
2.5 Take Pause [*]
2.6 In Contempt, in Silence [*]
2.7 Our Wilderness [*]
2.8 Saccharin [*]
2.9 Siri Song [*]
2.10 Reacquaint [*]
2.11 What Stays in Motion [*]
2.12 Slow Burn [*]
2.13 Reluctant to Change [*]
2.14 Sad Whispering Wind, Pt. 2 [*]

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