Wilma Lee Cooper

Wilma Lee Cooper: Big Midnight Special

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Artist: Wilma Lee Cooper
Title: Big Midnight Special

In response to many requests from fans of bluegrass and old time music, the classic recordings of Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper are finally issued complete! Includes ultra-rare and unissued early recordings from the Coopers' personal collection! Everything that Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper recorded for Rich-R-Tone, Columbia, and Hickory - complete and restored! a hugely important piece of American musical history now on CD for the first time!

1.1 Little Rosewood Casket
1.2 What Will I Do
1.3 Two Little Orphans
1.4 Wicked Path of Sin
1.5 This World Can't Stand Long
1.6 Tramp on the Street
1.7 Matthew Twenty-Four
1.8 My Dreamboat Is Drifting
1.9 Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
1.10 What Good Will It Do
1.11 Blue Mountain Girl
1.12 I Love No One But You
1.13 Willy Roy (The Crippled Boy)
1.14 Thirty Pieces of Silver
1.15 What's the Matter with This World
1.16 Moonlight on West Virginia
1.17 No One Now
1.18 He Will Save Your Soul (From the Burning Fire)
1.19 I Dreamed About 'Mom Last Night
1.20 On the Banks of the River
1.21 I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
1.22 White Rose
1.23 Legend of the Dogwood Tree
1.24 Message Came Special
1.25 Faded Love
1.26 Golden Rocket
1.27 Mother's Prayer
1.28 Ghost Train
1.29 I'm Taking My Audition (To Sing Up in the Sky)
1.30 Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
1.31 All on Account of You
1.32 Stoney (Are You Mad at Your Gal)
1.33 West Virginia Polka
1.34 Sunny Side of the Mountain
1.35 You Tried to Ruin My Name
1.36 Have Mercy on Me
1.37 I Cried Again
1.38 Clinch Mountain Waltz
1.39 My Lord's Gonna Shake My Hand
1.40 Will the Lord Let You in
1.41 Idle Gossip, Idle Words
1.42 Don't Play That Song (On the Juke Box Tonight)
1.43 What Can I Say
1.44 You Belong to Somebody Else
1.45 Are You Walking and A-Talking for the Lord
1.46 You Can't Take It with You (When You Go)
1.47 You Can't Feel the Way I Do
1.48 Brand New Baby
1.49 Bamboozled
1.50 Can You Forget
1.51 Each Season Changes You
1.52 Just for a While
1.53 How It Hurts to Cry Alone
1.54 Please Help Me to Be Wrong
1.55 We Make a Lovely Couple (You and I)
1.56 Not Anymore
1.57 For Beyond the Starry Sky
1.58 I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven
1.59 West Virginia Polka (Advert)
1.60 I Want to Be Loved
1.61 This Crazy, Crazy World
1.62 Row Number Two, Seat Number Three
1.63 I've Been Cheated Too
1.64 It's Just As Well (; Al Terry)
1.65 I'm Not the Girl (; Al Terry)
1.66 This Thing Called Man
1.67 Loving You
1.68 X Marks the Spot
1.69 Tramp on the Street
1.70 My Heart Keeps Crying
1.71 He Taught Them How
1.72 Diamond Joe
1.73 I Tell My Heart
1.74 Come Walk with Me
1.75 Is It Right
1.76 Big Midnight Special
1.77 Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
1.78 Canadian Reel
1.79 Home Sweet Home
1.80 Heartbreak Street
1.81 There's a Big Wheel
1.82 Rachel's Guitar
1.83 Night After Night
1.84 Johnny, My Love (Grandma's Diary)
1.85 More Love
1.86 This Old House
1.87 Train, You Took My Baby
1.88 Heartaches Don't Lie
1.89 I Gotta Laugh (To Keep from Crying)
1.90 Wreck on the Highway
1.91 Trouble Ahead
1.92 Mighty Battle City
1.93 Doin' My Time
1.94 Have Faith in Me
1.95 Matthew Twenty Four
1.96 Six More Miles
1.97 Teardrops Falling in the Snow
1.98 I'm Reading Your Letter Again
1.99 When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels
1.100 Singing Waterfall
1.101 Thirty Pieces of Silver
1.102 At the First Fall of Snow
1.103 Philaderphia Lawyer
1.104 On the Evening Train
1.105 Help Me Understand
1.106 Legend of the Dogwood Tree
1.107 Every Hour and Every Day
1.108 Satisfied
1.109 There's a Higher Power
1.110 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
1.111 Family Bible
1.112 Black Sheep Returned to the Fold
1.113 Way Worn Traveler
1.114 Glory Land March
1.115 Wandering Soul
1.116 This World Can't Stand Long
1.117 When My Time Comes to Go
1.118 Story of the Three Nails
1.119 I Couldn't Care Less
1.120 Big John's Wife
1.121 This Train
1.122 Pirate King

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