Winnie Winston: Wanted For Steeling

Winnie Winston: Wanted For Steeling
Title: Wanted For Steeling
Label: Richard Weize Archiv

Winnie Winston was a five-string banjo legend by the mid-'60s. He recorded for VANGUARD and ELEKTRA and performed with Bill Monroe. His group, the New York City Ramblers, shared the stage with Bob Dylan at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival. In 1970 Winnie began to play the pedal steel guitar and promptly created quite a stir. He designed and built his own instrument and wrote the "bible" on how to play the steel (Oak Books, 1975). Winnie played music festivals regularly and recorded several steel guitar albums during his all-too-brief lifetime (he died in 2005). He is at his formidable steel guitar best on this album, drawn from relaxed, informal, late night recording sessions over a ten year period (1974-1983.) The album also features Winnie's longtime friend, Hank Davis, on accompanying guitar and bass. The compositions are largely originals and the playing is spontaneous and inspired. Winnie's performance on the steel is daring and runs the gamut of styles from traditional country to western swing to blues to rock. The disc offers a generous 80 minutes of music and the accompanying book is richly illustrated with photos and features an overview of Winnie's fascinating career.

1.1 Right Out the Door
1.2 Almost Home
1.3 Steady As She Goes
1.4 Downhill Blues
1.5 Old New Orleans R;B Dancing Steel
1.6 Truckstop
1.7 Snowballs in June
1.8 Cajun Potatoes
1.9 The Eagle
1.10 But I Do
1.11 The Frog Invasion-R
1.12 Lonely Boys Like Me Winding Down
1.13 Thanksgiving Blessing
1.14 What Went Wrong
1.15 Drivin' ; Jivin'
1.16 Misty Morn
1.17 Spider Trap
1.18 Waltzing Matilda
1.19 Conversation
1.20 Desperado
1.21 Big Black Machine
1.22 Old Time Friend
1.23 Bouncing Off the Trees
1.24 Dreaming at the Bar
1.25 Mongoose

Winnie Winston: Wanted For Steeling

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