Wire: Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980

Wire: Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980
Title: Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980
Label: Pink Flag

For those unfamiliar with DOCUMENT AND EYEWITNESS, it really doesn't do it justice to describe it simply as a collection of live recordings from three turn-of-the-80s Wire gigs. What makes it more than that is the unortho-dox nature of the main performance and the way it was presented on record. The centrepiece of the original vinyl release was a recording of the final gig of Wire's 70s phase. The approach was to couple selected live tracks with a spoken commentary on the proceedings by long-term Wire fans Adrian Garston and Russell Mills. Hence the title, DOCUMENT AND EYEWITNESS. For the album, the Electric Ballroom material was supplemented with recordings from a July 1979 show at the Notre Dame Hall (a straightforward band performance), along with one track from a 1979 gig in Montreux.

1.1 5/10
1.2 12Xu (Fragment)
1.3 Underwater Experiences
1.4 Everything's Going to Be Nice
1.5 Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)
1.6 We Meet Under Tables
1.7 Zegk Hoqp
1.8 Eastern Standard
1.9 Instrumental (Thrown Bottle)
1.10 Eels Sang Lino
1.11 Revealing Trade Secrets
1.12 And Then... Coda
1.13 Go Ahead
1.14 Ally in Exile
1.15 Relationship
1.16 Underwater Experiences
1.17 Witness to the Fact
1.18 2 People in a Room
1.19 Our Swimmer
1.20 Heartbeat Tracks
1.21 Our Swimmer
1.22 Midnight Bahnhof Caf
1.23 Second Length (Our Swimmer)
1.24 Catapult 30
1.25 Ally in Exile
1.26 Go Ahead
1.27 Remove for Improvement V2
1.28 Over My Head V2
1.29 Safe
1.30 Relationship
1.31 Underwater Experiences
1.32 Eels Sang Lino
1.33 Cancel Your Order
1.34 Part of Our History (Emerges)

Wire: Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980

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