Wisdom in Chains

Wisdom in Chains: Die Young

$9.83 $11.99

Artist: Wisdom in Chains
Title: Die Young

Pennsylvania hardcore legends Wisdom in Chains show a little nostalgia with a 10 year anniversary bonus edition of what is considered to be the bands official debut album. With newly remastered audio, tba bonus track and updated packaging, every track from Die Young sounds as fresh and electrified as it did well over a decade ago, reminding us why and how WIC wrote a new chapter in hardcore and continue to do so.

1.1 We're Not Helping
1.2 Liar
1.3 Nowhere
1.4 One of These Days
1.5 Fade
1.6 Dragging Me Down
1.7 Game of War
1.8 Pass the Cup
1.9 Friday Night Drama
1.10 Die Young
1.11 Fighting in the Street
1.12 Too Far Gone
1.13 Get to Steppin
1.14 Out of Season
1.15 Time to Play
1.16 Smash Your Face
1.17 Nothing Like You

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