With the End in Mind: Unraveling Arising

With the End in Mind: Unraveling Arising
Title: Unraveling Arising
Label: Temple of Torturous
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Pacific Northwest's brooding black-metalist With the End in Mind will release their latest album, Unraveling; Arising, on July 6th with Temple of Torturous Records. - With the End in Mind is an ever-changing musical entity based in Olympia, Washington. Seeking to unite disparate musical influences, and to give voice to internal struggles with spirituality, modern civilization, and inevitable societal collapse. Following the release of several EPs and tours the band recently signed with Temple of Tortruous Records to release their latest record Unraveling; Arising. - Born of grief and uncertainty, born of life-changing experiences in the wilds of Northern California and the Olympic Mountains, born of ever escalating crises and ever escalating resistance, Unraveling; Arising is a labor of truest love, a call of urgency, a reverent homage to Life in all it's forms. Drawing on a diverse sonic palette, With the End in Mind creates a distinctive sound, rooted to Place. Each movement of the album reveals itself to be interwoven parts of a cohesive whole. Luscious soundscapes build from a whisper, only to be split like straining trees by the thunderous black metal storm. The maelstrom is tempered bythe occasional hint of dark folk and classic psychedelia, like echoes of a forgotten time and place. Fury and turmoil seem all-encompassing, yet give way to deeper understandings of Myth and the eternal cycles of our world. - As of now, more inspiration continues to pour through the vessel called With the End in Mind, with new contributors joining and new courses revealed. The inner flame of the project burns brighter than ever before!

1.1 Sings the Sky
1.2 Anguish Symmetry
1.3 Unravelling; Arising
1.4 From the True Source
1.5 Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling

With the End in Mind: Unraveling Arising

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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