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Wolfgang Schalk: Wanted

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Artist: Wolfgang Schalk

Artist: Wolfgang Schalk
Title: Wanted

WANTED EXPOSES SCHALK'S CONSUMMATE SKILL AND THOUGHTFULNESS AS ONE OF TODAY'S AUTHENTIC JAZZ GUITARISTS. A guitarist with not only impeccable chops but one who plays with deep soulfulness and feeling, Wolfgang Schalk delivers his freshest recording to date with Wanted, further proving his artistic abilities while providing music that is relevant and thoroughly engaging. Recalling the sounds of esteemed fret-board masters Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Pat Martino and Pat Metheny, Schalk expands on the tradition by providing dynamic music witnessed on his previous recordings: Space Messengers (2005, Universal/Emarcy) and Rainbows in the Night (2002, West East Music). This artful blend of hard swinging and cool vibes is articulated through an outstanding quartet of veteran musicians that includes bassist Dave Carpenter, pianist Geoffrey Keezer and drummer Marvin 'Smitty' Smith. The extremely tight band delivers eight new Schalk compositions that encompass a variety of textures and moods. Tunes like the bopping title song and 'W 46' (dedicated to Wes Montgomery) with their scorching tempos and solos; the Latin-tinged rhythms on the beautiful ballad 'A New Something' and the soothing 'What Makes Me Think' (both showing Schalk's distinctive acoustic guitar prowess); and the poignant 'And Harry Said Goodbye' (dedicated in memory of European master guitarist, Harry Pepl). Every track on Wanted exposes Schalk's consummate skill and thoughtfulness as one of today's authentic jazz guitarists. 'The combined musicianship of the quartet is a powerful force, skillfully exploring a set of progressive jazz originals penned by Schalk. Schalk's single-note lines, on both electric and acoustic guitar, evoke the pin-point precision style of Pat Martino with the acumen of Pat Metheny. With a stripped- down tone, the guitarist rips through the title track, 'Monroe Street' and 'W 46' with inventive phrasing, adhering to a traditional jazz guitar aesthetic, yet remaining void of cliche... exceptional release.' - All About Jazz (By John Barron) 'world class in every sense of the term...As well as being a strong composer and arranger Schalk delivers some very memorable solos... With "Wanted", Schalk proves once again that some of the strongest and exciting voices in jazz guitar are coming from the other side of the Atlantic.' - Just Jazz Guitar (by Brandon Bernstein) 'Wolfgang Schalk lists jazz legend Wes Montgomery as 'my hero forever' in the liner notes of his new CD, 'Wanted' (Frame Up), but he needn't have stated his admiration so explicitly. Montgomery's legacy emerges throughout the album in Schalk's make -it -look -easy swing and brisk, mellifluous lines. Philly's own Pat Martino, is another obvious forebear, as is Pat Metheny when Schalk goes for hollow-body rock and roll. But the younger axeman tailors the influences to his own ends rather than simply throwing on hand-me-downs.' - Philadelphia Daily News (Critic's picks by Shaun Brady) 'Never underestimating the power of swing, the quartet gives a clinic on it's finer points-syncopation, symbiotic communication and soulful empathy. This is evidenced on the knotted tempo of the title song and 'W 46' (a fitting dedication to Wes Montgomery) as Schalk's chorded runs and single note solos are equaled in intensity by Keezer's lightning keys, only to be mirrored in spots by Smitty's quick cymbal taps and Carpenter's walking bass. To say that the band is tight would be an understatement.' - All About Jazz (By Mark F. Turner) 'Wanted is yet another wonderful album from guitarist Wolfgang Schalk... Schalk makes his acoustic speak. Each ringing note drips with feeling...This is very moving music played with a purpose, and further bolsters Schalk's well-deserved acclaim as guitarist and composer.' - Jazz.com (By Walter Kolosky -- RATING: 91/100) 'The electricity is palpable, as Schalk's fluid guitar works weaves around and over the remarkably kinetic drum work laid out by Smith. The intricate interplay between these four gentlemen is stunning. Be it on the highly energized opening title track, the Latin bop of 'Monroe Street,' or the assertive and aggressive 'A Hip Bop,' the music on Wanted is filled with supercharged emotion... This recording can be appreciated by fans of any of these instruments; there are enough lessons in these songs for a week of workshops.' - All About Jazz / LA (By George Harris) 'It is a terrific listening experience'- Fred Jung (All About Jazz / Down Beat Critics Poll) Musicians: Wolfgang Schalk / guitars Geoffrey Keezer / piano Dave Carpenter / bass Marvin "Smitty" Smith / drums All music composed by Wolfgang Schalk Produced by Wolfgang Schalk Recorded at Paramount / Encore Studio, Los Angeles, CA Engineer: Reinhard Buchta.

1.1 Wanted
1.2 New Something
1.3 Monroe Street
1.4 W 46 (For Wes Montgomery)
1.5 What Makes Me Think
1.6 Hip Bop
1.7 And Harry Said Goodbye (For Harry Pepl)
1.8 Last Minute

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