Wolstenholme, Woolly / Maestoso: Strange Worlds: Collection 1980-2010

Wolstenholme, Woolly / Maestoso: Strange Worlds: Collection 1980-2010
Title: Strange Worlds: Collection 1980-2010
Label: Esoteric

UK seven CD box. Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of Strange Worlds - A Collection 1980 - 2010, a clamshell box comprising every solo album by Barclay James Harvest founder Woolly Wolstenholme and his band Maestoso. Described by BJH guitarist John Lees - as "the soul of Barclay James Harvest", Woolly departed BJH in June 1979 to plough his own musical furrow. The 1980 album Maestoso was a majestic work with many outstanding highlights. Black Box Recovered, released in 2003, featured abandoned recordings, along with a selection of rare demos and live recordings. In 2004 Woolly and his band Maestoso released the acclaimed album One Drop in a Dry World. The limited edition live album Fiddling Meanly was issued in 2005. He released the album Grim in 2006, following this with his final solo work, Caterwauling in 2007. This set also includes a 20 track additional CD, The Unlost Works - Demos & Fragments, a previously unreleased collection of recordings. The set features an illustrated book with a new essay written by BJH authorities Keith and Monika Domone. Strange Worlds is a fitting tribute to the multi-faceted music of the much-missed Stuart Woolly Wolstenholme.

1.1 Sail Away
1.2 Quiet Islands
1.3 A Prospect of Whitby
1.4 Lives on the Line
1.5 Patriots
1.6 Gates of Heaven (14/18)
1.7 American Excess
1.8 Maestoso - a Hymn in the Roof of the World
1.9 Waveform
1.10 Even the Night (Live in Vienna)
1.11 Has to Be a Reason (Live in Vienna)
2.1 Deceivers All
2.2 Has to Be a Reason
2.3 Down the Line
2.4 All Get Burned
2.5 Too Much, Too Loud, Too Late
2.6 Even the Night
2.7 The Will to Fly
2.8 Sunday Bells
2.9 Open
2.10 Why Remain
2.11 Sail Away (Demo)
2.12 Quiet Islands (Demo)
2.13 American Excess (Live in Vienna)
2.14 Lives on the Line (Live in Vienna)
2.15 Deceivers All (Live in Vienna)
2.16 Bootham Park Elegy
3.1 The Bells, the Bells!
3.2 Blood and Bones
3.3 A Waiting Game
3.4 It's You (Sixties Mix)
3.5 Souk
3.6 One Drop in a Dry World
3.7 Anss
3.8 The End of the Road
3.9 Explorers
3.10 2 Am
3.11 The Starving People of the World All Thank You for Your Time
3.12 Carpet

Wolstenholme, Woolly / Maestoso: Strange Worlds: Collection 1980-2010

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