Wong, Theresa / Kjaergaard, Soren

Wong, Theresa / Kjaergaard, Soren: Layered Events

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Product Type: CASSETTES

Artist: Wong, Theresa / Kjaergaard, Soren
Title: Layered Events
Product Type: CASSETTES

Søren Kjærgaard and Theresa Wong met along the sonic trade routes between Copenhagen and California, beginning their musical dialogue in 2011. Layered Events reflects a set of pieces constructed entirely of improvisations recorded upon improvisations in the studio; two players poised to each other and to themselves, traversing the breadth of their synchronistic encounters.

1.1 Lagkage (3:49)
1.2 Warps and Weave (4:34)
1.3 Initial Six (2:57)
1.4 Aunt Oto (2:21)
1.5 Nine-All (1:40)
2.1 Family Transmission (8:49)
2.2 Uncle Lou (4:42)
2.3 St. Anne's (3:58)

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