Woods: Sun and Shade

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Woods

Title: Sun and Shade
Label: Woodsist
Product Type: VINYL LP

Loose, shuffling and tuneful, the abridged Woods experience sounds more like Wowee Zowee than Workingman's Dead, but it hits just the right contradictory note of tight arrangements and breathing-room playing to get that back-porch, weird America vibe. Pitchfork.

1.1 Pushing Onlys
1.2 Any Other Day
1.3 Be All Be Easy
1.4 Out of the Eye
1.5 Hand It Out
1.6 To Have in the Home
1.7 Sol y Sombra
1.8 Wouldn't Waste
1.9 Who Do I Think I Am?
1.10 What Faces the Sheet
1.11 White Out
1.12 Say Goodbye

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