Woody Herman: 3 Herds

Woody Herman: 3 Herds
Title: 3 Herds
Label: Poll Winners

Digitally remastered edition of this collection from the Jazz/Swing great. The Woody Herman band was one of the most popular groups in the world during the 1940s. It combined the beautiful sound of the leader on clarinet, alto sax, and vocals with the innumerable talents of the group members, both playing and arranging. Many of them went on to become big names in Jazz. This edition compiles the complete original LP the Three Herds, which was Herman's own selection of some of his hits from the period of 1945 to 1954. This edition includes 14 extra tracks from the same period added as a bonus. Poll Winners. 2011.

1.1 Non-Alcoholic
1.2 Caldonia
1.3 Sidewalks of Cuba
1.4 The Good Earth
1.5 Four Brothers
1.6 The Goof and I
1.7 Keen and Peachy
1.8 Early Autumn
1.9 Four Others
1.10 Blame Boehm
1.11 Mulligan Tawny
1.12 The Third Herd
1.13 Woodchopper's Ball
1.14 Apple Honey
1.15 Goosey Gander
1.16 Northwest Passage
1.17 A Jug of Wine
1.18 Your Father's Moustache
1.19 Bijou
1.20 Wild Root
1.21 Panacea
1.22 Back Talk
1.23 The Blues Are Brewing
1.24 Blue Flame
1.25 Yeah Man (Amen)
1.26 Sabre Dance

Woody Herman: 3 Herds

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