Worldservice Project

Worldservice Project: Hiding In Plain Sight

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Product Type: CD

Title: Hiding In Plain Sight
Label: Rarenoise Records

Over the course of it's previous four albums, UK punk-jazz outfit WorldService Project carried it's keen-edged, window-rattling irreverence across the globe, casting an eviscerating glance inward while spreading it's message of chaotic compassion to the scattered remnants of the former British Empire and beyond. With the release of the gleefully anarchic Hiding In Plain Sight, the band's fifth album and third for RareNoise Records, keyboardist-vocalist Dave Morecroft takes on his native land from an outsider's perspective for the first time, having decamped for Rome in his own personal Brexit.

1.1 Deeper
1.2 Pomped Up Freddy
1.3 Where Am I
1.4 Sex Lies Lies and Lies
1.5 The Kipper and the Pork Pie
1.6 The Higgly Giggly Wiggly Woo
1.7 Vendetta
1.8 Europhiles
1.9 Onward

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