Would Be Goods

Would Be Goods: The Morning After

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Artist: Would Be Goods

Artist: Would Be Goods
Title: The Morning After

The Would-Be-Goods are back their eccentric & evocative guitar pop honed by two years of live performance. Jessica Griffin enigmatic star of eighties cult label él is still at the helm with her crew of elegant rascals-Peter Momtchiloff guitarist (Talulah Gosh Razorcuts Heavenly Scarlet's Well) & occasional songsmith; Debbie Green drummer & darling of the London nineties garage scene (Headcoatees); & Lupe Nuñez-Fernandez bass player & co-founder of cosmopolitan Ea.

1.1 Pantomime Devil
1.2 The Morning After
1.3 Bluebeard
1.4 Big Cat Act
1.5 Le Crocodile
1.6 Too Old
1.7 What Adam and Eve Did Next
1.8 I Broke the Spell
1.9 The King of Lace
1.10 Miss La-Di-Dah
1.11 Innocent Abroad
1.12 Dear St Valentine

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