Wouter De Moor: Brain Fog

Wouter De Moor: Brain Fog
Title: Brain Fog
Label: Ovum
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Dutch up-and-comer Wouter de Moor follows EPs on Get Physical and Poker Flat and maintains his strong upward trajectory. Chrome-plated banger "Fluf" punctuates it's menacing organ line with punishing snare volleys and vocal cuts. "Fluffy" is a subdued reinterpretation of the opener, retaining many of it's musical elements and samples but taking things into trippy, late-night dub techno territory. "Data Dump" delivers a hazy cascade of synth-stabs and modulated hi-hats over a driving beat. "Brain Fog" is a refreshing left turn, with sun-dappled piano chords and peppy, almost UK-funk-esque snare rolls -- unique dancefloor material, infused with soul and color.

1.1 Fluf 7:37
1.2 Fluffy 7:01
1.3 Data Dump 7:04
1.4 Brain Fog 7:29

Wouter De Moor: Brain Fog

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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