Wrangler: Sparked: Modular Remix Project

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Wrangler

Artist: Wrangler
Title: Sparked: Modular Remix Project
Product Type: VINYL LP

Wrangler's new remix album, Sparked: Modular Remix Project, features 11 modular synthesizer re-workings of tracks from their 2014 debut album, LA Spark (MEME14 001CD/LP). All the artists were sent the same original proposal by Wrangler at the start of the project: "Wrangler would like to ask you to submit an experimental piece of music for inclusion. The idea is very simple. We provide some basic stems from a track selected by you from our album LA Spark and you add whatever sounds you like - the only rule being that you use just one analog modular synthesizer system of your choice. We've approached you because we admire your passion and commitment to electronic music." Features: Abul Mogard, Daniel Miller, Steve Moore, Scanner, Chris Carter, Dean Honer, Alessandro Cortini, Benge, Solvent and David Burraston.

1.1 Abul Mogard - Mus Iic
1.2 Daniel Miller - Theme from Wrangler
1.3 Steve Moore - Harder
1.4 Scanner - la Spark
1.5 Chris Carter - Lava Land
1.6 Dean Honer - Space Ace
1.7 Alessandro Cortini - Modern World
1.8 Benge - Peace ; Love
1.9 Solvent - Harder
1.10 David Burraston - Mus Iic
1.11 Wrangler - Theme Meme

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