Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan: Legendary Weapons

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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan

Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Title: Legendary Weapons

The Wu-Tang Clan is one of rap music's longest running and most influential groups. Over the last two years the group has made a remarkable return to form. WU-TANG: LEGENDARY WEAPONS will continue in that streak. This album includes a heavy dose of Ghostface Killah alongside the RZA and all of the other core Wu-Tang group members. Dark, raw tracks produced by the RZA together with members of the Brooklyn based band the Revelations provide a solid foundation for the crews tales of violent New York street life and debauchery.

1.1 Start the Show
1.2 Laced Cheeba
1.3 Diesel Fluid
1.4 Played By the Game
1.5 The Black Diamonds
1.6 Legendary Weapons
1.7 Never Feel This Pain
1.8 Angels Got Wings
1.9 Drunk Tongue
1.10 225 Rounds
1.11 Meteor Hammer
1.12 Live Through Death
1.13 Only the Rugged Survive
1.14 Outro

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