Wun Two

Wun Two: Nosferatu

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Artist: Wun Two

Artist: Wun Two
Title: Nosferatu
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. Wun Two remains one of the most envied lo-fi hip-hop producers on the planet. Inspired in part by composers Maurice Jarre and Bernard Herrmann, Wun Two wanted to create a project that didn't emote the somewhat-depressive feelings of certain scores, but an atmosphere of tension and suspense so often associated with Hitchcock and Stephen King novels.

1.1 Breaking the Silence
1.2 Creature
1.3 Two Days of Horror
1.4 Bells
1.5 The Golden Arm
1.6 Motel Transilvania
1.7 Psycho
1.8 Nosferatu
1.9 Up from the Depths Featuring Hubert Davis
1.10 Halloween Party
1.11 Black Cat
1.12 Cinema of the Death
1.13 Voodoo Woman
1.14 Wayne Tower
1.15 R.I.P
1.16 Mustard Gas Feat. Crimeapple
1.17 The Midnight Hour
1.18 Memorabilia

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