Wycliffe Gordon

Wycliffe Gordon: Bone Structure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wycliffe Gordon

Title: Bone Structure
Label: Atlantic

This debut Atlantic release teams the 2 finest jazz trombone players of their generation: Wycliffe Gordon, part of the Wynton Marsalis Septet and member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Ron Westray, also a Lincoln Center member, known for his work with pianist Marcus Roberts. With a performing cast that includes Marcus Roberts, bassist Reginald Veal and drummer Herlin Riley, these 11 tracks (recorded in New Orleans) span a wide range of traditional styles - from blues to be bop to New Orleans swing.

1.1 Coming Is Going
1.2 What?!
1.3 Modern Nostalgia
1.4 It's Time
1.5 Rhythm Cone
1.6 Blooz
1.7 New Beginnings (Groove Cone)
1.8 Esoteric Advent (Turkish Coffee)
1.9 Everyday
1.10 Way Back When
1.11 Mayfest Junction (Cone's Place)

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