Wynn Stewart: Come On

Wynn Stewart: Come On
Title: Come On
Label: Bear Family

The first compilation of Wynn Stewart's Rock 'n' Roll, country boogie and honky tonk classics. 31 in all! Featuring the ultra-rare fast version of 'Come On', previously only issued on our 10-CD box set. Eddie Cochran plays guitar on 'Slowly But Surely!' bonus Rock 'n' Roll song by his stage partner Jackie Burns includes 'Another Day, Another Dollar', recently used in a Volkswagen commercial. Wynn Stewart is generally hailed as one of the greatest pure singers in the history of country music, as well as one of the architects of the classic Bakersfield Sound. Those who regard Wynn as among the best and most influential vocalists in country music include Buck Owens, Harlan Howard (who wrote many of Wynn's greatest hits) Merle Haggard (who began his career in Wynn's band) and Dwight Yoakam. This compilation includes his up-tempo recordings for Intro, Capitol, Jackpot, and Challenge, all of them nearly impossible to find. Wynn was a West Coast legend in the 50's and 60's, but few remember him these days. He died before his classic Bakersfield sound became a cornerstone of current alternative country. He never lived to hear Dwight Yoakam praise him as a greater originator and never heard his songs in commercials and movies.

1.1 Come on [Alternate Take]
1.2 After All
1.3 It's Not the Moon That Makes the Difference
1.4 Slowly But Surely
1.5 That Just Kills Me
1.6 Why Do I Love You So
1.7 I Wish I Could Say the Same
1.8 She Just Tears Me Up
1.9 School Bus Love Affair [Alternate Take]
1.10 Donna on My Mind
1.11 I Keep Forgettin' That I Forgot About You
1.12 We'll Never Love Again
1.13 I Done Done It
1.14 Rain, Rain
1.15 Big, Big Love
1.16 Playboy
1.17 Hold Back Tomorrow
1.18 Wrong Company
1.19 Three Cheers for the Loser
1.20 Wishful Thinking
1.21 You're That Someone Else
1.22 Heartaches for a Dime
1.23 Man, Man, Mr. Sandman
1.24 Slightly Used
1.25 Open Up My Heart [Basic Track]
1.26 Wall to Wall Heartaches
1.27 Another Day, Another Dollar [Edit]
1.28 Take It or Leave It
1.29 Uncle Tom Got Caught
1.30 Don't Spook Me
1.31 Come on [Master]
1.32 Jackie Burns: Wild One

Wynn Stewart: Come On

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