Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd: Food in the Belly

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Artist: Xavier Rudd

Artist: Xavier Rudd
Title: Food in the Belly

This singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist brings clear vision, personality, and an independent attitude to his beguiling songs. His debut is a collection of soulful melodies and dense instrumental textures that takes the work of classic singer-songwriters as template. An advocate of Aboriginal rights, Rudd also admires the dense simplicity of Aboriginal music, often building his songs from his bare soles on a wooden resonator box and the breath humming in his didgeridoo.

1.1 The Letter
1.2 Messages
1.3 Pockets of Peace
1.4 Energy Song
1.5 Fortune Teller
1.6 The Mother
1.7 Food in the Belly
1.8 My Missing
1.9 Mana
1.10 Connie's Song
1.11 Famine
1.12 Generation Fade
1.13 September 24, 1999

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