Xtc: XTC : Go 2

Xtc: XTC : Go 2
Title: XTC : Go 2
Label: Ape House

XTC's second album, and second of the year 1978, also reaches the U.K. Top 30. It's literate and very unusual cover reflected two very important characteristics of the band. Andy: "Four weeks' worth of songs, hastily scribbled on hotel notepaper and beermats. We were living out of carrier bags and in rental vans, making nasty noises at each other and with each other. Something had to give and here it is." Andy: "A squabbling band made that album. A maelstrom of a session. Plus we were living together in a situation reminiscent of the Young Ones." Originally released on 13 October 1978 in the U.K. Reached No. 21 on the U.K. album chart.

1.1 Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)
1.2 Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)
1.3 Buzzcity Talking
1.4 Crowded Room
1.5 The Rhythm
1.6 Red
1.7 Beatown
1.8 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse
1.9 Jumping in Gomorrah
1.10 My Weapon
1.11 Super-Tuff
1.12 I Am the Audience
1.13 Are You Receiving Me?

Xtc: XTC : Go 2

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