Xtc: XTC : White Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Xtc

Title: XTC : White Music
Label: Ape House

A cult classic of raw punk pop, XTC's debut album charts in the U. K. Top 30. An off-kilter homage to the confection that is pop (i. e., "white") music, the album jumps with virtually live-in-the-studio energy. Andy: "Four years' worth of songs saved up and recorded (virtually) live in one short burst. Noisy, arrogant, stark, triangular and desperate for your attention. Four young snots dismantling pop!" Originally released on 20 January 1978 in the U. K. Reached Top 20 on the U. K. album chart. Features 7 bonus tracks.

1.1 Radios in Motion
1.2 X Wires
1.3 This Is Pop
1.4 Do What You Do
1.5 Statue of Liberty
1.6 All Along the Watchtower
1.7 Atom Age
1.8 Set Myself on Fire
1.9 I'm Bugged
1.10 New Town Animal
1.11 Spinning Top
1.12 Neon Shuffle
1.13 Science Friction
1.14 She's So Square
1.15 Dance Band
1.16 Hang on to the Night
1.17 Heatwave
1.18 Traffic Light Rock
1.19 Instant Tunes

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