Yakuza 0 / O.S.T.

Yakuza 0 / O.S.T.: Yakuza 0 (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 12/17/2021

Title: Yakuza 0 (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Laced Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

SEGA and Laced Records have formed a pact to present the music of Yakuza 0 (Ryu ga Gotoku Zero: Chikai No Basho) on vinyl. The double LP set features 27 remastered tracks picked by the Yakuza team. Two heavyweight 180g LPs in light blue and green will come in printed inner sleeves, all housed in a wide-spined outer sleeve. The game's vibrant soundtrack includes a modern - yet often '80s-inflected - blend of pop, rock, and electronic dance styles. The vast array of composition and production talent was led by long-time SEGA composer Hidenori Shoji.

1.1 Enma No Chigiri
1.2 One-Eyed Slugger
1.3 Interplanetary Spark
1.4 Kairaku No Toki
1.5 Breakin' Showcase
1.6 Ignite Your Spirit
1.7 We're Long Hua Expedition
1.8 Money Makes Money
1.9 Tiger Flute
1.10 Parry Addiction
1.11 Red Radical Rage
1.12 One-Eyed Assassin
1.13 Trouble Shooting Star
1.14 Fever Time
1.15 Hajimari No Shirabe
1.16 With Vengeance
1.17 Azen Bouzen
1.18 Fiercest Warrior Ver. 0
1.19 Rocket Nuts Groove
1.20 For Buddy
1.21 Two Dragons
1.22 Friday Night
1.23 As You Like
1.24 Setsuna No Ningyohime-Heartbreak Mermaid [Full Spec Edition]
1.25 I Wanna Take You Home
1.26 Koi No Disco Queen
1.27 Reign

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