Yasuaki Shimizu

Yasuaki Shimizu: Kakashi

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yasuaki Shimizu

Title: Kakashi
Label: Columbia

Saxophonist, of Yasuaki Shimizu second solo album (released in 1982). Sasaji Masanori (Key), Takayuki Hijikata (G), Hideo Yamaki (Ds), addition of Mariah member named Morio Watanabe (B), such as participation Junichi Kanesaki of the spectrum (Tp). Techno and rock also captured, work that symbolizes the era of air feeling. Re- released in HQCD. (C) RS, Japanese HQCD pressing. Columbia. 2015. (cover is subject to change)

1.1 Water Lilies
1.2 Scarecrow
1.3 In This Way Yomeri (Part 1)
1.4 Semi- Up of the Day
1.5 In This Way Yomeri (Part 2)
1.6 In the Dream
1.7 From the Top of the. Sea
1.8 Beautiful Natural

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