Yawning Sons

Yawning Sons: Sky Island

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yawning Sons

Title: Sky Island
Label: Ripple Music

Transatlantic rock collective Yawning Sons (formed by desert rock legends Yawning Man and post-rock visionaries Sons of Alpha Centauri) share a second excerpt off their upcoming sophomore album 'Sky Island', released March 26th on Ripple Music. Get into the soothing vibe of "Cigarette Footsteps" featuring Mario Lalli on vocals exclusively via The Sleeping Shaman! For their sophomore album 'Sky Island', the original Yawning Sons line up that delivered the 'Ceremony to the Sunset' debut (2009) returns, once again including guest vocal performances from Mario Lalli, Scott Reeder and Wendy Rae Fowler. However, this desert rock heritage lineup now includes highly respected desert rock stalwart Dandy Brown (Hermano, Orquesta del Desierto), also joining the band by performing on several tracks.

1.1 Adrenaline Rush
1.2 Low in the Valley
1.3 Cigarette Footsteps 08:00
1.4 Passport Beyond the Tides
1.5 Shadows and Echoes
1.6 Digital Spirit
1.7 Gravity Underwater
1.8 Limitless Artifact

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