Yellowman: Reggae Legends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yellowman

Title: Reggae Legends
Label: VP Records

2009 four CD set from the Reggae great. Apart from his legion of pure Reggae fans, Yellow man has had a substantial influence on the world of Hip Hop. He is widely credited for leading the way for the succession of Reggae artists that were embraced by the growing Hip Hop community in America during the 1980's. Features 43 tracks including 'Government', 'Tonight You Die', 'Big Dick', 'Too Greedy' and more. VPD.

1.1 CD1: Good Sex Guide:
1.2 Big Dick
1.3 Government
1.4 Go Go Bell
1.5 Want You Body
1.6 Tonight You Die
1.7 Bunji
1.8 Bad Boy
1.9 Too Greedy
1.10 Cry Help
1.11 Galster
1.12 CD2: Blueberry Hill:
1.13 Blueberry Hill
1.14 Letter to Rosey
1.15 Jean a Miss Follow Fashion
1.16 Who Sasy Yellow Don't Go Hotel
1.17 Nah Pay No Tax
1.18 Anything Me Say
1.19 Young Girl Be Wise
1.20 Another Saturday Night
1.21 CD3: Galong Galong Galong:
1.22 Galong Galong Galong
1.23 Beat It
1.24 Under Mi Fat Thing
1.25 Cuss Cuss
1.26 Reggae Gets the Grammy
1.27 Throw Mi Corn
1.28 Skank Quadrille
1.29 Blow Saxophone
1.30 Money Make Friend
1.31 Bubble with Mi Ting
1.32 CD4: In Bed with Yellowman:
1.33 Hardcore Lover
1.34 Matie Vex
1.35 Better Than Them
1.36 Yellowman Getting Married
1.37 Can't Wine
1.38 Ting a Ling
1.39 I Love the Girls
1.40 You'll Lose a Good Thing
1.41 Wine Wine
1.42 Zungguzunngguguzungguzeng
1.43 Half Crazy Feat. Sandy Star

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