Yes: Fragile

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Artist: Yes

Artist: Yes
Title: Fragile
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressed at 45rpm. Limited luxurious packaging includes opulent box, foil-stamped jackets, MoFi SuperVinyl LPs pressed at RTI. The band's breakthrough album marks a number of important firsts not just for the group but for how popular music could be approached. It also represents the all-important debut of keyboardist Rick Wakeman, a complete rethinking of the relationship between classical devices, idyllic fantasies, and traditional structures, and the arrival of progressive rock as a mainstream force. This pressing presents Fragile with exacting sonics and unsurpassed visuals. Prized for decades for it's brilliant textures, harmonics, dynamics, colors, and openness, the 1971 album now comes across with surreal transparency, multi-dimensional scope, and seemingly unlimited responsiveness. Such qualities transform the band's recorded instruments into the equivalent of live guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards playing in your room. Critical aural traits - focus, pace, crispness, imaging, balance, depth, weight, scale - bring you face-to-face with the songs' daredevil complexities and emerge in abundance.

1.1 Roundabout
1.2 Cans and Brahms
1.3 We Have Heaven
1.4 South Side of the Sky
2.1 Five Per Cent for Nothing
2.2 Long Distance Runaround
2.3 The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
2.4 Mood for a Day
2.5 Heart of the Sunrise

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