Yes: Ultimate Yes Collection - 35th Anniversary

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Yes

Title: Ultimate Yes Collection - 35th Anniversary
Label: Rhino/Wea Uk

1.1 Yours Is No Disgrace
1.2 Survival
1.3 Roundabout
1.4 Then
1.5 I've Seen All Good People: A. Your Move, B. All Good People
1.6 Heart of the Sunrise
1.7 Starship Trooper (A. Life Seeker; B. Disillusion; C. Wurm)
1.8 Ritual / Nous Sommes Du Soleil
1.9 Siberian Khatru
2.2 Long Distance Runaround
1.11 Wonderous Stories
2.4 And You and I (I. Cord of Life, II. Eclipse, III. the Preacher the Teacher, IV. Apocalypse)
1.13 Soon
2.6 Going for the One
1.15 Dont Kill the Whale
2.8 Owner of a Lonely Heart
1.17 Leave It
2.10 Big Generator
1.19 The Calling
2.12 Homeworld (The Ladder)
1.21 Awaken

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